Spring 2023

Spring 2023

This is a partial, rough-cut list of health, ethics, and society minor-related courses for the Spring 2023 semester.  The courses are arranged according to our grid of minor requirements. If anyone spots a relevant course on SIS that is not listed below, please contact Prof. Flores at nmf5q@virginia.edu 

Intro Health, Ethics, and Society Courses

PHIL 1750 - Issues of Life and Death

Rebecca Stangl

MW 9-9:50am


ANTH 2280 - Medical Anthropology 

Julia Alejandra Morales Fontanilla

MW 10-10:50am


HES Requirement

ANTH 3290 - Biopolitics and the Contemporary Condition 

Sylvia Tidey

Th 4-7:30pm


Ethical and Political Philosophy (E/P)

PHIL 2060 - Philosophical Problems in Law (P)

Nate Adams

MW 5-5:50pm


PHIL 2500-100 - Philosophy of Moral Responsibility (E)

Dee Payton

MW 10-10:50am


PHIL 3640 - Political Philosophy (P)

Nate Adams

MW 2-3:15pm


PHIL 3710 - Ethics (E)

Alexander Motchoulski

TTH 9:30-10:45am


PLPT 3020 - Modern Political Thought (P)

Vijay Phulwani

MW 4-4:50pm


PLPT 3030 - Contemporary Political Thought (P)

Jennifer Rubenstein

MW 11-11:50am


RELC 3465 - American Religion, Social Reform, and Democracy (P)

Heather Warren

MW 2-3:15pm


RELG 2210 - Religion, Ethics, and Global Environment (E)

Willis Jenkins

MW 3:30-4:45pm


RELG 2266 - Religion, Media, and Democracy (P)

Nichole Flores

MWF 11-11:50am


RELG 2285 - Religion, Politics, Society (P) 

Larycia Hawkins

TTH 12:30-1:45pm


HHE 5700 - Bioethics Internship Seminar: Health Policy & Administration (E)

Lois Shepherd

T 3-5:30pm


HHE 5701 - Bioethics Internship - Clinical Ethics (E)

Mary Faith Marshall

Th 2-4:30pm


HES Electives

AAS 2224 - Black Feminities and Masculinities in the US Media

Lisa Shutt

W 2-4:30pm


AAS 3500-001 - Race and Medicine in Post-19th Century America

Liana Richardson

TTh 11-:12:15pm


AAS 3810 - Race, Culture, and Inequality

Sabrina Pendergrass

TTH 11-12:15pm


AMST 3559-002 - Literature and Health Humanities

Anna Brickhouse

TTh 12:30-1:45pm


AMST 4500-001 - Land and Health in Native America

Kasey Jernigan

Th 2-4:30pm


ANTH 2270 - Race, Gender, and Medical Science 

Gertrude Fraser 

MW 3-3:50pm


ANTH 3370 - Power and the Body

George Mentore

MW 2-3:15pm


ANTH 3590-001 - Af. Am Women and the Politics of Body Size

Gertrude Fraser

TTh 11-:12:15pm


ANTH 3590-002 - Religion and Healing 

Ray Qu

MW 5-6:15pm


ANTH 5360 - World Mental Health

Richard Merkel

W 6:30-9pm


GNUR 5230 - Ethical and Legal Issues in Health Care

Ashley Hurst

T 1-4pm


HIEU 3692 - The Holocaust 

Victoria Barnett

MW 9-9:50am


HIST 4511 - Gender, Sex, and Citizenship in a Global Prespective

Emily Burrill

M 2-4:30pm


HIUS 3612 - Gender and Sexuality in America, 1865 to Present

Bonnie Hagerman

MW 12-12:50pm


MDST 3404 - Democratic Politics in the New Media Environment

Bruce Williams

TTh 11-12:15pm


PHS 3050 - Fudementals of Public Health

Paige Hornsby

TTH 12:30-1:45pm


PHS 3095 - Health Policy in America - an Economic Prespective

Tanya Wanchek

TTH 8-9:15am


PHS 3104 - Introduction to Epidemiology: Methodological and Ethical Considerations

Josh Colston

TTH 2-3:15pm


PHS 3825 - Global Public Health: Challenges and Innovations

Chris Colvin

T 5-7:30pm


PHS 4050 - Public Health Policy

Kathryn Quissell

TTH 2-3:15pm


PLAN 5452 - Healthy Cities (Instructor Premission Required)

Jennifer Roe

W 9-11:30am


SOC 2052 - Sociology of the Family

William Wilcox

MW 9-9:50am


SOC 3320 - Sociology of the Body

David Skubby

MW 3:30-4:45pm


SOC 3390 - Sex, Power, Film

Andrea Press

TTH 2-3:15pm


SOC 3700 - Health and Society

David Skubby

MW 1-1:50pm


SOC 4530 - Social Determinates of Health

David Skubby

TTH 12:30-1:45pm


SOC 4550 - Sociology of Reproduction

Elissa Zeno

TTH 9:30-10:45am


WGS 2100 - Introduction to Gender and Sexuality Studies

Lisa Speidel

TH 2-2:50pm


WGS 2125 - Race & Power in Gender & Sexuality

Matthew Chin

TTH 9:30-10:45am


WGS 2600 - Human Sexualities

Lisa Speidel

MW 2-3:15pm


WGS 2800 - Politics of Motherhood

Abby Palko

W 3:30-6pm


WGS 3559-001 - Transgender Studies in the Americas

Cole Rizki 

TTH 3-4:15pm


WGS 4559-001 - Feminist Disablity Politics

Sarah Orska

M 3:30-6pm